Big Data Analytics

Walkmore provides affordable, easy to deploy, big data analytics products for financial institutions. Our standalone software solutions deliver actionable insights into customer behavior to empower decision makers to make more informed strategic and operational decisions. Walkmore combines the latest advances in machine learning to provide quick wins – we focus only on correlations that bring you immediate ROI. We make data science accessible to financial institutions of any size and replace expensive enterprise solutions through a plug & play approach: run our software from any computer, offline, and we’ll get you recommendations you can act upon within 30 days.

We’ve applied our models to more than 500,000 individuals and achieved the following for our financial institution customers: 15% less loan delinquency, 1% more loans issued and substantially increased revenues through product recommendations.




We’re proving you do not need expensive legacy enterprise systems in order to use big data  to your advantage.
- Karlo Rodriguez, CXO, Walkmore


Loyalty Platform

The Walkmore loyalty platform enables the financial institution to increase its lifetime customer value, generate new leads by offering meaningful engagement, and improve its credit rating systems. With the goal to predict the customer’s financial behavior, the individual (end user) is allowed to aggregate and visualize data from almost any physical activity tracking device or app. Increased activity is rewarded in cash, better interest rates, and discounts from local businesses. The activity is vetted through a fraud detection system. Additional data is gathered, such as environmental, financial, personal, or economic factors. Predictions on the individual’s behavior are then produced. The vast amount of factors enables us to make these predictions with high accuracy.


the app

The Walkmore loyalty platform and app are white-labeled to protect your brand.

Take a look at an example of how you might promote this product among your members and customers:

The Walkmore platform exploits trends and tools from big data and the quantified-self movement, and uses concepts borrowed from behavioral psychology and mobile gamification to generate new leads, increase loyalty, and improve your customer lifetime value.
- Eli Mohamad, CEO, Walkmore

Custom Made

It is easy to extract insights about your members and customers with customized Walkmore applications. Just follow these simple steps:






We’ve designed our products to fit financial institutions of any size. You have data – we turn it into insights. Cheap, quick and effective.
- Philipp Kallerhoff, CTO, Walkmore



About Us

Walkmore has evolved from a Singularity University project funded by the Filene Research Institute and supported by the National Credit Union Roundtable, with a vision of transforming the way in which banking work to allow for a more holistic picture and path to improvement for the individual.

We’ve scientifically proven that the healthier you are, the better financial decisions you make. We can now improve financial credit rating and risk assessment systems by accurately predicting financial behavior from physical activity data.

The company recently raised an investment round, and is incubated at Singularity University Labs in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, California.



The Team



Eli Mohamad


Eli Mohamad is a former management consultant and European Commission expert on innovation, with ample experience in designing and managing projects across a number of industries. He holds a MSc in Technology and Innovation Management from the University of Sussex, UK.

Twitter: @elimohamad

LinkedIn: emohamad



Dr. Philipp Kallerhoff


Philipp Kallerhoff studied Engineering and Management, Psychology and Physics at the Technical University Berlin, Sophia University Tokyo and the State Universtiy New York. After completing a PhD in computational Neuroscience at the Technical University Berlin, he worked in the banking and hedge fund industry.

Twitter: @kallerhoff

LinkedIn: Phillip Kallerhoff




Karlo Rodríguez


Karlo is a creative technologist and former innovation director for one of the largest marketing agencies of the world. He holds degrees in electrical engineering and software development, and has more than 10 years of experience in big data analytics, and hardware and software development.

Twitter: @jack_valentine_

LinkedIn: Karlo Rodríguez



Peter Kellner


Peter Kellner is a successful early-stage venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and adviser to companies on five continents. He co-founded Endeavor, a pioneering organization driving high-impact entrepreneurship around the world and is Founder and Managing Partner of Richmond Global, a company with venture capital investments in technology and communications in the U.S., Europe, China, Latin America and India.

Twitter: @peterbkellner

LinkedIn: Peter Kellner




Brent Dixon


Brent Dixon is a designer with a passion for fixing consumer finance. He advised on behalf of The Filene Research Institute, a consumer financial think tank, and founded The Cooperative Trust, a grassroots network of hundreds of young people fighting for the future of socially responsible finance.

Twitter: @itsJustBrent

LinkedIn: itsJustBrent



Bryan Clagett


Bryan Clagett  is CMO of Geezeo, a leading Personal Financial Management provider serving more than 200 US financial institutions. He has worked within the financial services industry for over 25 years.

Twitter: @clagett

LinkedIn: Bryan Clagett




Salim Ismail


Salim Ismail is a sought after speaker, strategist and entrepreneur – his last company, Angstro, was acquired by Google in August 2010. Salim spent two years as SU’s founding Executive Director and currently serves as its Global Ambassador focusing on its global presence. Prior to that, Salim was a Vice President at Yahoo and the Head of Brickhouse, Yahoo’s internal ‘ideas factory’.

Twitter: @salimismail

LinkedIn: Salim Ismail


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